What’s in a name? If you find yourself searching for fulfilment, self-worth and personal happiness you’re not alone! These same feelings led me to begin a personal wellness journey and open Revive As Wellness.

Do you ever feel like you are going through the day to day motions of life but are NEVER really living your life? Then one day you wake up and realize you want more for yourself. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. The thing is, once you have that feeling you can’t shake it and why should you?
Also, you might find yourself pondering now what? What do I do? Where do I begin?

Maybe you want to make concrete changes in your life. You might want to eat healthier, exercise regularly, practice mindfulness or pay attention to the words you use and the story you tell yourself. Maybe you want to change how you treat yourself and others focusing more on your relationships. Maybe you are looking for a career change, searching for your passion. Whatever it is I’m here to share with you that I’ve been there, felt those feelings and this is how to Revive As Wellness was created.

Revive As Wellness represents so many things. First off Revive is that feeling you have of being alive, feeling rejuvenated and overall just living your life. AS represents my initials and Wellness represents overall wellness, not just physical or mental but emotional, environmental, social and overall well being. The whole package! While it’s not realistic to live in complete alignment in every aspect of your life it’s always something to strive for! I feel balance and unicorns have something in common. We love them and want to be them despite their mythical status, but have to be realistic in our expectations as well.

My goal with Revive As Wellness is for you to leave a treatment feeling refreshed or to use a product that not only makes you feel better that you have the tools available to you to make the changes you are wanting to make. I hope to breathe life back into you, to get you out of autopilot and back living your life in whatever shape or form that is for you. I hope by being a part of your wellness journey I add a little bit more positivity and inspiration into your life. Book your appointment today or reach out just to talk. I’d love to meet you!

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