Happy Earth Day!

If you are like me you have oodles of empty essential oil bottles that have piled up. You don’t want to throw them out but you aren’t really sure what to do with them. In honour of earth day and being environmentally friendly, here are a few ideas of ways to reuse your bottles.

  1. With the oils left in the bottle add carrier oil to it such as fractionated coconut oil and you now have a blend
  2. Save the oil that is left and use the bottles for when you are travelling
  3. Purchase a spray top and create a room spray or pillow spray
  4. give samples to your friends
  5. add sticks to it and use as a room diffuser
  6. place the bottle into a bowl with epsom salts. leave over night. You can then transfer the Epsom salts into a separate container and you have pre-made bath salts ready to go!
  7. don’t forget you can always recycle the bottles!


Have empty rollerball bottles too? Reuse those bottles as well. Remove and replace the top rollerball and create the same blend or a new one. Spray the top of the roller with tea tree to clean the roller and it is ready to use again.






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