Whatever your plans are during the holidays, a lot will probably be asked of you, and not just financially! The stress of overwhelming emotional responses, crushing crowds, and massive meals mean a lot of people struggle to get through December emotionally unscathed. Surviving the season means taking some time to focus on yourself and getting proper self-care!

Self-Care Means Valuing Your Time

Self-care starts by acknowledging that your time is valuable. Being selfless is a regular part of the holidays, but you’ll quickly burn out if you give all of your time away. Look at your calendar and see what’s coming up (more importantly, see what you’re looking forward to!). Once you’ve noted the parties, dinners, and other assorted gatherings, pencil in some actual time for yourself. Not mentally – physically write it down. It shows that your personal time is as important as your other social obligations!  

Valuing your time also means not saying yes to everything. If someone asks you to go beyond what you think you can do, it’s okay to politely decline. Remember, if your time wasn’t valuable, someone wouldn’t be asking for it!

Take Care In Consumption To Improve Self-Care

The temptation to relieve stress and anxiety with chemicals is a great one. It might seem fun at the time, but overdoing it on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and/or other drugs definitely does not count as self-care. In large enough quantities, they will hurt you, and maybe those around you, much more than they will help. Be mindful of everything you put in your body, note when you’re full, and keep yourself to a sober threshold of alcohol. Drink plenty of water, too!

Slow Down To Focus On Self-Care!

Most people complain about the constant rushing in the holidays as if they have no control over them. On the contrary! How you achieve your obligations and preparations can have a great effect on how much you enjoy the season. Don’t leave everything for the last minute, and don’t think that being frazzled is the natural state of being. Besides, the whole point of A Charlie Brown Christmas is that Charlie Brown is right – the holidays can be too much, and you need to focus on what’s important!

So take some time to slow down. Controlled breathing, a nice cup of tea, and your favourite essential oil in the diffuser can relieve emotional stress and help your body relax. You can even book a massage or a reflexology appointment, but you definitely do not need to feel guilty if all you need is some time off your feet and on the couch.

Self-Care Means Get Your Sleep!

Sleep is in short supply during the holidays, meaning not a whole lot has changed since you were a kid. But instead of staying awake because of the excitement of gifts and cheer, you’re probably staying awake because of stress, preparations, and partying.  

Much of your physical and emotional well-being is tied to how much sleep you get. By skipping out on the proper amount of shut-eye, you’ll just be adding to the feelings of stress and burnout and making it harder to properly enjoy time with your family and friends. Start preparing for bed at a regular time, use a good essential oil like Lavender to calm you down, and relax before turning in. Your body and mind will thank you!

Acknowledge Your Gratitude

Adding to the recommendations for slowing down and valuing your time, remember to consider what you’re grateful for. It can help reinvigorate how you feel about the holidays because the point of all the time off and cheeriness is to actually enjoy the time off and cheeriness! Take stock of all the blessings in your life, and keep them in your thoughts wherever you are. The more you consciously accept the positives in your life, the easier it will be to get through more stressful times.

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