New year, new hope, new ideas, new goals, new dreams. I’ve never been one for new years resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to set goals, come up with a plan and work through it for the year. However, not many people do that. All too often new years resolutions hold a negative context. Every year, many people proclaim they want to lose weight, eat better and go to the gym. In the first couple months of the year, gym regulars can barely find a treadmill or a spot to work out. Slowly, as the year progresses, people start fading away and the gym has space again. Check out some of my revival tips below!

I find that people tend to create resolutions for a couple of reasons. They either think something is wrong with them and they need to change or other people are doing it so they feel compelled to participate as well. I think it’s great to have goals but the important part is to remember why you started or why you want to achieve this goal.

Just ask yourself. Are you wanting to sign up for a gym membership because your goal is to feel better about yourself or have your clothes feel a bit better? I find that changing the wording and what we’re telling ourselves about new years makes all the difference. If it’s just words, no thought out plan, course of action or guiding reason you’re wanting to achieve something it’s even easier to fall back into old habits or not achieve your goals. For example, I decided this year to choose a word I want to live by for my year. This word will serve as a mantra or guiding principle because it has a special meaning to me and how I can apply it to my life.

A Few Revival Tips to Try 2019

  1. Make 2019 about self-care

    Self-care comes in many shapes and forms. Maybe this is your year of saying yes. Say yes to opportunities or things you’d normally say no to. Or maybe it’s the opposite and you need to set boundaries. Maybe your word for the year is boundaries and learning to say no. This can be so hard for people as we do a lot of things out of guilt. Here are some self-care examples: taking time for you, going for a walk, reading a book, joining a club or new community to get out of the house and meet new people. Booking in a treatment such as reflexology or pedicure.

  2. Make 2019 your year to be grateful

    Just try it! Trying journaling once a day 5 things you are grateful for. It can be any time of day but just try it for a month. See how you feel. Are there common themes? Is your perspective of your day to day changing? Is there something you enjoy doing and want to do more of based on your gratitude journal?

  3. Make 2019 about dreaming

    When is the last time you daydreamed? When is the last time you wrote out your dreams? Then looked at creating a plan to achieve those dreams? Small steps daily. That’s what success is and the difference between someone who takes action and someone who thinks about action but never actually makes that first step.

  4. Make 2019 about the little things

    Doing the little things makes all the difference. Make your bed in the morning, put the shopping cart back where it belongs, sing in the car, sort through your clothes and donate. There are so many little things we can be doing to make our lives and the lives of others a little happier and a little bit more positive.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or contact me if you’d like to learn more actionable steps to achieving some of your goals and reviving your ambitions to be your best self in 2019.

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