Is raising children putting you at risk for burnout? Many moms take on way too much, and it can get to the point that life becomes an unending struggle just to make it through the day, and then back to bed where the process can start all over. Burnout robs every experience of joy, makes you feel tired all the time, and puts your mind through the ringer when trying to do even the simplest of tasks.

If you feel this way, you need stress relief and you need it quick. Here are five simple, easy ways to relieve stress and change your day-to-day outlook on life!

Make Nightly Lists

Add a to-do list to your evening routine. It’s a small, simple thing with big results: by writing down your tasks for the next day, you’ll mentally offload the problems before your body and brain get ready for sleep. This decreases the worries and anxieties that might keep turning about in your mind, and studies show that it will help you sleep a lot better!

Be Up And About At Dawn

A good night’s rest is important, but so is getting more time for yourself. Not sleeping in might sound like the opposite of relaxing, but if your time is occupied from when the little monkeys are up, there might not be enough time left for you! Getting up a little earlier than your children is a great way to earn yourself some “me time” in which to do some yoga, do a little reading, and/or turn on a diffuser and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. It’s a lot easier once it becomes a part of your schedule!

Get Moving

Exercise isn’t just for building muscle and melting pounds. The endorphins released by even light amounts of exercise, like walking, meditation, or even breathing deeply, act like pain relievers for the mind. This relieves stress and all the problems that it causes for the body, re-energizing your mind and giving you the drive to complete your tasks. Exercise has also been shown to elevate mood, improve quality of sleep, and relieve tension. Try and get outside in some fresh air, but if that’s not possible, use a routine that can be done from the comfort of your living room!

Take Some Time Away From Screens

When everything is piling up, the TV or smartphone might seem like a blessed refuge. But rather than relieve stress, screens can keep your brain overloaded and uncoordinated. Instead of flipping open social media, turn to other things: your journal, some aromatherapy and meditation, light exercise, or a cup of tea to break up the craziness. It can be hard, but you’ll feel more energized after finding another source for your mental break. Try and have days – like Sunday – where you don’t look at a screen at all unless it’s absolutely necessary!

Treat Yourself

Too often, the act of giving to yourself is seen as something that should create guilt. You shouldn’t feel this way about stress relief, so add the things you want to do to your list. This way, treating yourself becomes a very real thing that you have to enjoy rather than something robbing you of time. It could be as small as eating an indulgent dessert in the afternoon, or as big as a massage or reflexology appointment. Book an appointment, take the children to a babysitter if need be, and recognize that your health and well-being matter, too!

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