As I continue to reflect on 2019, I’m finding it important to reflect on all of it. I always try to find joy, the positive or the lesson I should be learning in every situation. I would not be honest with myself if I didn’t reflect on the emotional rollercoaster of a year 2019 was.
A lot of time social media is a highlight reel and it can be hard to admit we are struggling. Maybe we haven’t come to terms with it or we want to have privacy while we work through our emotions. This past year my great aunt, my grandpa and a good friend all passed away. I didn’t really realize what an emotional year I had until I started reflecting.
Here are 11 things I learned or was reminded of in 2019
1. not everyone is going to like you. I really struggle with this one as I am a people pleaser and I have a hard time of letting go of this
2. no can be hard to say but when you do it really means you are respecting yourself, thoughts and boundaries
3. you can mourn a loss even when someone is alive
4. 2 year old’s have superb negotiating skills
5. cancer sucks
6. never underestimate the strength and will power of an 86 year old
7. you can never take back time
8. be true to you, your values and integrity
9. I can’t help everyone. Being in the service industry I want to help everyone and it can be challenging to admit that I’m not able to
10. it doesn’t have to be all or nothing as far as exercising, eating, and personal development
11. There is never a good time! You will always have an excuse or a reason why you don’t do something! Taking a leave of absence from a full time secure job to pursue your own business full time is one of the scariest and most rewarding things I’ve done
I also want to say THANK YOU as I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today and have made it through this year without the love and support of my family, friends and all of YOU!

With it being almost the middle of January I’m excited to continue my personal growth and business development this year!

Cheers to 2020.

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