Welcome to Revive As Wellness. We know the stress that comes with high demanding jobs and sudden changes in one’s life. We appreciate the comfort, tranquility, and relaxation that a spa atmosphere can provide, so we have shaped our business around this feeling of relief.

Revive As Wellness offers aroma-massages, reflexology treatments (direct billing available), and the creation of custom blend rollerballs for individuals or corporate events.

Relaxing Aroma-Massage

Click above to discover the soothing effects and health benefits of aromatherapy, an alternative medicine that has been on the rise in recent years.


Certified Reflexology

Click above to explore the ways that reflexology, an age-old therapy, can benefit your musculoskeletal system.





Our Products

You will love our natural products that can be used in every day life to help you feel your best.




“Surprisingly I think I’m enjoying the face mister the most. With the hot weather the mist is really lovely! It cools me down instantly, and calms me. I spray it on me before bed too. Thank you for it!! The rollerball is great, I can’t say for sure that it changes anything with my mood fluctuations but I enjoy the scent so it does change my focus when I use it.”
“Oh my goodness…what did you do to me? I just had an hour and 45 minute nap!!! It was awesome!!! Thanks again. I really enjoyed it.”
“I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve had no trigger points in my neck since I’ve started using the oil combo on my wrists to sleep. Feels like I’m dead to the world when I wake up.”

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